NOSH Best of 2019 Awards

It’s with great respect and honor for the food business that we present NOSH’s Best Of 2019 awards, our inaugural celebration of annual excellence and innovation in the industry. NOSH’s Best Of awards recognize individuals, brands, products and strategies that have demonstrated excellence during the year and resonance that will extend beyond the calendar. We cherish the opportunity to use our platform to highlight these companies, people, and ideas.

The highest awards, Brand of the Year and Person of the Year, are reserved for companies and individuals whose work throughout the year has created lasting, substantial, positive change through innovation and high quality. Rising Stars are companies whose work has great potential to shift or open categories, create new ideas about products or brands, and have shown growth that indicates they will have an enduring presence in the industry. Best New Products are lines or SKUs that have been introduced in the previous year that have at least one outstanding quality in terms of taste, design, cause, formulation, or that generate interest over their disruptive potential.


Brand of the Year

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat

Founded in 2009, Beyond Meat has had a wild decade -- growing from a small, yet innovative, startup to one of the leading players in the plant-based revolution sweeping grocery store shelves.

Person of the Year

Gail Becker, CEO, Caulipower

Gail Becker, CEO, Caulipower

Gail Becker is passionate about getting Americans to eat their vegetables. As CEO of Caulipower, she’s helping reinvent classic comfort foods such as frozen pizza, tortillas and chicken fingers using the cruciferous vegetable cauliflower, and, most recently, launched a parent brand -- Vegolutionary Foods -- to explore other vegetable offerings.

Best New Packaging

Rising Stars

Best New Products