Tava Life Launches Total Rebrand and Unveils as 4th & Heart for Spring 2016

Los Angeles, CA, Founder & Creator of Tava Life, Raquel Tavares Gunsagar, along with partner and co-founder Lillian Wunsch, are proud to announce the natural food brand Tava Life will be re-launching as Fourth & Heart. 

Tava Life was known primarily for their clarified butter called ghee, sold in a variety of popular flavors. Now named after the Heart Chakra, Fourth & Heart is a nod to the type of bold, intuitive decision-making that originally inspired Raquel to build a socially-conscious company. Raquel’s unique brand of flavored ghee launched a year ago as Tava Life. Since then it has garnered overwhelming positive press and successfully secured national distribution. Fourth & Heart’s products are thoughtfully created in a beautiful kitchen in Downtown Los Angeles’ Lincoln Heights neighborhood.


Since March of last year, Fourth & Heart has grown exponentially reaching nearly a seven-figure run rate in under a year in only 400 stores and continues to grow. “The demand is huge,” (Los Angeles Times) for Fourth & Heart’s delectable products, which are available across the country at high-end markets like Whole Foods, Central Market, Earthfare, PCC Naturals and online at Thrive Market. Part of this is due to ghee’s “many health benefits” (Huffington Post). Fourth & Heart’s grass-fed, pasture-raised ghee increases metabolism, aids in digestion, and is a natural source of vitamin-rich and highly-metabolized healthy fats like MCTs (Medium Chain Triglicerides). It’s also a perfect butter substitute for the lactose intolerant, and dairy-free.

In 2016, Fourth & Heart’s rebranding will include the introduction of two new flavors of ghee: White Truffle and Garlic. The celebrated classic flavors of Himalayan Pink Salt, Madagascar Vanilla Bean and Original will remain in the product line.

Consumers have shown great enthusiasm for Fourth & Heart, not only because of the brand’s immaculate natural food products, but also for its philanthropic efforts. Currently, Fourth & Heart donates a portion of its proceeds to Yoga Gives Back, a non-profit that provides micro-loans to mothers of young girls in India for work and education. Fourth & Heart participates in many local events, brings attention to venerable causes, strives to better both local and international communities through direct action and inspires others to do the same.

About Fourth & Heart: For more information on Fourth & Heart and to review all their offerings, please visit or follow the company with their current handles on Twitter (@tavalife), Facebook (@tavalife), and Instagram (@tavalifeorganic).

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