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Watch: Good Eggs: Shopping, Storytelling, and Solutions

Online grocery ordering has become an easy time saver for busy consumers. But to maintain a loyal customer base, retailers must first gain consumer trust via a dynamic product assortment and retain shoppers by creating an exciting user experience. In a session at NOSH Live Winter 2019 in Santa Monica, Bentley Hall, CEO of online grocery service Good Eggs, explained how a focus on quality took his platform to new heights — from near bankruptcy to a $50 million raise.

To turn the business around, the brand pivoted, shutting down three markets, to singularly focus on the San Francisco Bay Area. Maintaining strict sourcing guidelines and curated product offerings, along with offering same-day delivery, have become key pillars for yielding a steady consumer base. With plans to expand within the Bay Area and even further into Southern California, Good Eggs plans to continue differentiating from other ecommerce solutions by considering all consumer need states — from lunchbox staples to entertaining at home with flower bundles, cocktail bundles and cheese boards. The overall goal is “peak quality and high integrity,” with expertly-curated product categories, Hall said.

“A higher amount of assortment is not useful,” Hall said. “We don’t want the D2C online business to remove the experience of the equation.”

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