Quest Nutrition Founder Focuses on Value & Authenticity

Carol Ortenberg

At Project NOSH L.A. last week, a continuing theme was how brands can engage with millennials. Although this demographic is influencing purchasing decisions across categories, they also are more adept at filtering out marketing.

Some companies create a millennial-focused brand for monetary reasons. For Tom Bilyeu, the Co-Founder & President of Quest Nutrition, the reason was personal. After seeing members of his family struggle with unhealthy eating habits, Bilyeu wanted to create a brand that had the power to help consumers eat better.

“I really wanted to help because I really believe that commerce, that businesses, that the entrepreneurial mindset and strategies that we all use to build our businesses is so fundamentally tied to human psychology and motivation,” Bilyeu told the crowd at Project NOSH LA. “So if we could acknowledge that people eat for pleasure way more then they eat for sustenance, then we could build a different kind of company.”

The authenticity in Quest’s founding has carried through the company’s growth and pervaded how it approaches, marketing, branding engagement and e-commerce.

To connect with consumers in an authentic way, Quest focuses on creating value. This can range from sharing a fan’s recipe on using the bars in cookies to sending a YouTube celebrity custom dog sweaters.

Bilyeu noted to the crowd that they have to deliver value “because value is the only thing that is sustainable, Value is the only thing that last and value is the only thing people will pay forever.”

To hear more about Quest’s marketing plans and Bilyeu’s approach to the “pyramid of business,” please view the video below.

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