Expo West Video: How Paul Nardone Painted His Way Out Of A Pop Corner

Jeff Klineman

Rebranding an existing product line is hard. Rebranding one that already has national distribution is even harder. But that’s what Paul Nardone has been doing over the past year at Our Little Rebellion, an umbrella brand that he and his staff have placed over the line that has long been known as PopCorners.

PopCorners is already a widely available product, but the line didn’t have the expansion capability that reflected the wider innovation range of the manufacturing company that owns the brand. In this video from Natural Products Expo West, Nardone explains the delicate process of creating a brand around a known quantity like PopCorners and the steps other companies should consider when re-thinking the limitations of their own branded products. He also discusses the progress of Our Little Rebellion overall, and the way he started building a team around the brand in order to develop new brands on a national scale.

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