The Changing Look of Convenience Stores

Carol Ortenberg

For years the convenience store evoked the image of a place to fill up your tank, grab some chips or Slim Jims, and perhaps hazard a trip to the restroom. But times are changing and consumers are looking for healthier options, as well as showing an openness to including these stores as part of their regular shopping rotation. As a result, retailers have had to adjust their mix in order to capture these dollars.

Part of the impetus has been the rising role convenience stores play in the lives of the Millennial generation.

“The hegemony of the supermarket has been broken by the rise of food shopping options, particularly convenience stores, superstores, and online shopping,” noted a recent Atlantic story about Millennial grocery shopping habits.

Some may not recognize the convenience store of today. It’s no longer only a roadside stop or limited mini-mart: newer stores have begun to offer more full service options in terms of produce, meat, dairy and prepared foods.

The newest possible entrant to the convenience store format, is the online retailer Amazon. According to sources, reports The Wall Street Journal, the company is exploring building small stores that would sell products including produce, meat, milk, and other perishable items. Non-perishables would be ordered in-store and then same-day shipped directly to homes.

To learn more about several new natural and better for you products that are helping change the face of convenience store offerings, please view the video below.

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