Ketolent Changes Name to Sated

BOSTON — Keto and Co., the parent company to Ketolent, today introduced Sated — the next generation of delicious, naturally sweetened, nutritionally complete meal replacement shake mixes optimized to align with the ketogenic diet. The formal name change is the evolved expression of the company’s mission: to create delicious, modern, and stress-free nutrition products that leave you Sated. Alongside its new name, Sated is introducing naturally sweetened versions of its beloved Chocolate and Vanilla shake mixes, as well as a new, naturally sweetened Strawberry flavor.

Sated’s products contain less than 1 gram of net carbs per 100 calories, one of the lowest ratios available in the market. One delicious meal replacement shake is 400 calories, satisfying, convenient, and highly functional. Sated is a nutritious proprietary blend of four natural sweeteners, two kinds of protein, four kinds of healthy fats (Olive, Flax, Coconut and MCT oils, giving it a prized 1:1 ratio of omega3 to omega6) and three kinds of fiber that fuel a ketogenic lifestyle. Sated is available on in 30 meal kits (perfect for breakfast or lunch every day for a month). Sated ships free anywhere in the US, offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a 20% discount for monthly subscriptions. It will be available on with free Prime shipping starting in July.

Sated’s formula and flavors are designed to make the path to a ketogenic or extreme low-carb diet enjoyable and easy to maintain. The Ketogenic diet has been gaining tremendous momentum in recent years due to its success helping people achieve their health goals. When following a low carb, moderate protein, and high fat diet, the body goes into a metabolic state known as ketosis. When a body is in a state of ketosis, the liver produces ketones, which become the main energy source for the brain. At optimal ketone levels, people often notice decreased hunger, weight loss, and physical and mental performance benefits.

“For all of its health advantages as a diet, maintaining the eating requirements of keto can be hard,” said Sated Founder Ted Tieken. “We are experts in the physiological aspects and benefits of the ketogenic diet — and we want to make it easier for consumers to be able to enjoy them through a great tasting, ‘ketovenient’ product.”

Tieken, who started a ketogenic lifestyle in 2014, credits it as a key tool for managing life-inhibiting muscle pain. His passion for making the benefits of the keto diet easy to attain led him to design Sated.

“Our products help consumers reverse a nutritional legacy of years of addicting factory-created foods that trick consumers into compulsive eating patterns rather than healthy patterns that fuel work and fitness,” said Tieken.

Sated is an answer to that factory food legacy, a perfect balance between the science behind the ketogenic diet and a great-tasting, nutritionally complete, easy to drink, convenient shake. But while satiety is one factor of caloric consumption, to be truly sated, consumers need enjoyment, convenience and a great tasting product.

“Our goal is to take the stress out of eating well. Unlike virtually every industrial food company, we have no interest in selling our clients an extra 100 calories of an empty, addictive product to get them to compulsively eat. We want our clients to eat just as much as they need, and no more,” Tieken said. “We think of it as a new category: food that conveys the benefits of cost, convenience, and taste of modern technology with the nutritional and satiety benefits of ancestral whole foods.”

The company will introduce its new branding and products at KetoCon, the largest national conference dedicated to the Ketogenic Diet and Lifestyle. KetoCon takes place June 15-17, 2018 at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, Texas. Sated is in booth 615.

About Sated

Founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Sated is a leading ketogenic and low-carb food company. Sated products are delicious and convenient making easier to live a low-carb lifestyle. Every Sated product contains less than 1gram net carbs per 100 calories. Unlike most food companies, Sated starts from the nutrition and work backwards. For more information, please visit