NuNaturals Reimagines Branding After 17 Years

Eugene, OR (September 27, 2016) – NuNaturals has gone through three major rebranding initiatives over 27 years. Two brand iterations took place in the first 9 years, with a third branding initiative lasting 17 years, between 1999 and 2016. They are excited to introduce their fourth and most fun yet! The project was led by Jacob Sablosky, VP Business Development, and son of founder and CEO Warren Sablosky. The new branding and packaging design is hitting shelves fall of 2016.

fourth-generation-packagingNuNaturals worked with Boulder, CO design agency Interact On Shelf led by Blake Mitchell and Creative Director Fred Hart. “Working with Interact through a creative workshop, market analysis, and industry trend assessment was crucial to creating a brand concept that we are confident will excel on the shelf,” said Jacob.

NuNaturals launched the only naturally sweetened (with stevia extract) chocolate syrup (NuStevia Cocoa Syrup) in mid-2014. “The product was having trouble gaining traction,” recalls Jacob “it is a really delicious product with clean, wholesome ingredients. But with our old branding it didn’t look very inviting to try. I remember doing a consumer fair and I asked a little girl if she wanted to try the product. She turned to her mom and cried ‘it looks scary!’ That was when I knew we needed a rebranding.” He said that “the rebranding has significantly softened our brand imagery and brightened our color palette, targeting our largely female demographic and appealing to our growing millennial customer base. This rebranding will be crucial as our products follow the trend of stevia sweeteners moving from the Vitamins/HABA section to the grocery isle.”

third-generation-packagingA foot in the old and a foot in the new, the NuNaturals color scheme is a true celebration of the healthy, optimistic perspective that NuNaturals embodies. NuNaturals branding is headlined by two primary colors. NuNaturals Violet is a modern refresh of the heritage NuNaturals violet. NuNaturals Cream is a point of difference in the category celebrating our naturally derived alternatives. The two colors work together to create a strong brand block. “We intentionally avoided green and white, since the category is already saturated with these colors,” said Jacob.

NuNaturals currently offers three syrups: Cocoa, Cocoa Mint, and Simple (unflavored). They will be extending the line this fall to include three more: Ginger, Vanilla, and Vanilla-Ginger. NuNaturals unveiled their new syrup flavors and new packaging design at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore. “Our new look and new flavored syrups were very well received at the show,” said Bob Bowen, National Sales Manager for NuNaturals. “Many of our customers and even some fellow exhibitors shared how much they liked the new look! The response for taste and product presentation was very positive on the syrups. With such a good response at the show, we are gearing up for a very successful launch with our new NuStevia syrup flavors.”

The change was hard at first for the NuNaturals team, some who have been with the company for nearly 20 years. “While our old branding was beloved by NuNaturals staff and customers, I think everyone has fallen in love with NuNaturals new branding,” said Warren. “Our NuBranding represents a living image of the joyful moments in life that we seek to inspire. That is what we are trying to do with our products, make people’s lives better.”

About NuNaturals – NuNaturals is a family owned and operated company that has been providing delicious, healthy products for over 27 years. Our mission is to offer joyful products that help keep you well and to grow “sweet” relationships with our customers, employees, stakeholders, and community. We believe that the path to wellness starts with the food and supplements that we consume. Today NuNaturals offers a wide selection of all natural, plant-based stevia sweeteners, baking ingredients, and dietary supplements. NuNaturals was founded November 1st, 1989 in beautiful Eugene, Oregon.

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