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Seven Sundays
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Because simpler is always better. Make every morning a muesli morning. #liveforeveryday We love breakfast. And not just the food, but all that encompasses “breakfast time” — fresh coffee, the newspaper, a wholesome breakfast, the moments before the day takes hold. Our inspiration for Seven Sundays muesli came to us during a trip to New Zealand where we were immersed into one of the most admirable cultures in the world. “Kiwis”, as native New Zealanders are often called, live active, sustainable lifestyles built upon enjoying simple pleasures and making the most out of their treasured and limited natural resources. One of our favorite parts of the trip was starting each day with a bowl of fresh, homemade toasted muesli, a popular New Zealand breakfast. We so much enjoyed this simple but gourmet breakfast staple that we were determined to give breakfast in the U.S. a facelift. So, we started making our own hearty, gourmet muesli using our favorite combinations from New Zealand and adding our own special twists. We hope you enjoy!

Oat - Based Cereal
Coconut - Based Cereal
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