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Watch: Category Strategy from Inside Unilever

Carol Ortenberg

Developing a new product or brandis an undertaking for any company, regardless if they’re a startup or one of the largest food companies in the country. But how you approach that process and thinking about where white space lies can make or break a new product’s launch.

At NOSH Live Winter 2018, Leslie Miller, Unilever’s Director of Ice Cream North America, shared how she approaches product development and category analysis for one of the top players in the ice cream set. At the heart, she said, must always be the consumer and regardless whether your company is big or small, it’s that focus that will lead a brand to succeed.

“Ultimately if you don’t get it right, and you don’t get it in front of someone, your product is irrelevant,” she said.

In this video, Miller shares her three tips for developing new products. She also shares how she led the Unilever team to develop Culture Republick, one of the company’s first new ice cream lines in decades.

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