Expo West 2018 Video: Tiny Hero Seeks Huge Gains for Quinoa

Jeff Klineman

Long a staple of gluten-free diets, quinoa’s profile rose significantly over the first part of this decade, then leveled off a bit as consumers found limited use for the grain beyond a simple mound of the stuff or a mixed-up pilaf.

But new product line Tiny Hero is seeking to increase quinoa’s utility and versatility by introducing the grain as a kind of Rice-a-Roni 2.0, with easy to prepare sides and main dish uses for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In this video, filmed at the just-completed Natural Products Expo West, the company’s director of marketing, Christie Lee, discusses the strategy behind adapting venture-backed Tiny Hero’s proprietary quinoa line to a variety of pre-finished dishes.

To learn more about the mighty quinoa company, view the video above.

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