Graeter’s Ice Cream’s Launches Piña Colada Bonus Flavor

CINCINNATI– Graeter’s Ice Cream, the ice cream company known for its indulgent, handcrafted flavors, rich chocolate chips and Old World French Pot process, is in full swing for its annual Bonus Flavor launch.

Each flavor is considered a limited time only flavor, and once the flavor is gone from scoop shops and online, the flavor is retired for the year. The fourth of the Bonus Flavors, Piña Colada, is a rich coconut ice cream mixed with chunks of sweet pineapple and just a hint of rum.

In all, five new Bonus Flavors will be released in Graeter’s scoop shops. A secret that remains under lock and key until the day it’s released, guests will be made aware of the new flavors via broadcast media, social media, their local scoop shops and the Graeter’s online store.

Consumers are encouraged to visit a scoop shop near them or Graeter’s online store to try each Bonus Flavor for themselves. The final flavor of the season will be announced on August 5, 2019.

To learn more about Graeter’s Ice Cream, or to buy the Bonus Flavors online, visit or visit Graeter’s on social media @Graeters.

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