NOSH LA 2016

Nov. 1 & 2, 2016
Los Angeles, CA
This is a past event. Registration is open for NOSH Live Summer 2020.

NOSH LA - Frequently Asked Questions

Who attends?

Founders and executives from natural food brands, leading CPG investors, experienced consultants, industry service and supplier companies, retailers, and other natural food industry professionals. Expect 200+ attendees, including 70+ unique food brands. 

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Who speaks?

Speakers are pioneers in the natural food industry. This includes successful brand owners, industry veterans, respected consultants, leading investors, well-known retailers, and more. 

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What is presented?

The goal of NOSH is to provide case-based presentations, leading to actionable lessons. More specifically, key issues discussed include: branding, marketing, sales growth, investment, emerging retail channels, applying innovation to new product categories while creating brand platforms, thinking about company structure, leadership, and professionalization, pricing structure, and creating partnerships with strategics and other capital sources.

Is this a tradeshow?

No. Unlike a typical tradeshow, this is not a selling show. This is a business strategy and networking conference. NOSH provides an intimate conference for solely the founders and executives of natural food companies serious about growth. With only 200+ attendees, this conference is designed to provide learning from both on-stage presentations and off-stage conversations. Brands come to NOSH to learn and create important connections with industry investors, advisors, consultants, and other brands.

Are there additional networking opportunities?

NOSH has an after party following the conference (details to be announced), along with extended program breaks and a long lunch during the day to facilitate networking efforts. The Sampling Station is also a great feature to share your product and receive feedback from fellow attendees during the networking breaks.

Are there additional learning opportunities?

If you are an early-stage food brand, then you should attend the special Boot Camp session on Tuesday, Nov. 1, the day prior to the full day conference. Boot Camp is designed to jump start young food companies with a crash course on operations along with additional networking. This is designed to prepare startup food brands prior to diving into the deep end the following day. The Boot Camp session is free for registered NOSH LA attendees. Register Now >>

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