Nov. 1 & 2, 2016
Los Angeles, CA
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Foodstirs Founders Talk Disruption

Carol Ortenberg

Project NOSH LA was filled with success stories from numerous brands. But, simply based on ingredient list, none was sweeter than Foodstirs.

The baking mix line, which started as a subscription business and then shifted to add e-commerce and traditional retail, was inspired by the co-founders’ own needs. “We could say it started by accident, but not really. It really started out of need I had as a mother,” noted co-founder and CEO Galit Laibow.

Laibow and fellow co-founder and Chief Brand Officer, Sarah Michelle Gellar (yeah, she played “Buffy”), brought on marketing consultant Greg Fleishman as COO and co-founder to help the brand launch into retail. One of Fleishman’s goals was to help the brand figure out their brand modifier: modern baking.

Fleishman told the audience that finding this point of differentiation is key for a brand. “It’s not about your brand benefit, it’s about what you are,” Fleishman told the audience. “That is an easy way for consumers to see what makes you different.”

Originally the brand considered using unique, health-focused ingredients, such as bean flour or banana flour, to stand out. But Laibow and Gellar felt the company’s authenticity and ability to offer a cleaned-up indulgence was enough.

The Foodstirs team believes their advantage lies in being part of the first wave of brands “remaking” the pantry. While healthy eating trends have already remade the store perimeter, Fleishman told the NOSH crowd that it’s only now that shelf stable items are seeing the same reinvention as perishable, refrigerated products.

Are ingredients enough, though, to make a brand a winner? At Foodstirs, they argue, it’s also the three founders themselves that are the heart of what gives the brand an edge. “If you’re going to be disruptive at the end of the day, you have to be disruptive, Gellar said, “and you can’t go by anyone else’s playbook.”

To view the entire Project NOSH LA Foodstirs Panel, please view the video below.

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