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IQ Bar
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We're on a mission to democratize brain food. Each IQ BAR™ is packed with brain-boosting fiber, MCT's, omega-3's, flavonoids, and vitamin E. Our bars are non-GMO, grain/gluten/dairy/soy-free, vegan, kosher, and paleo. Enjoy the SMART ENERGY™! While studying psychology and neuroscience at Harvard, I became deeply fascinated with the human brain and how it functions. Soon after graduation, I discovered the limits of my own brain’s functionality. Mental fatigue, headaches, and depressed mood were daily challenges. In search of a quick-and-easy solution, I consumed more and more sugar, only to experience even greater emotional and energy volatility as a result. Desperate for stability, I began voraciously researching and self-testing practices promoted by others suffering from the same issues. Regular exercise, caffeine, and vitamin cocktails all proved insufficient. Consumption of amphetamines and “nootropic” pills entailed unacceptable risk of dependency and adverse side effects. Eventually, I discovered the high-healthy-fat, low-net-carb diet through works by neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter, science writer Gary Taubes, and other proponents of this brain-centric regimen. Within weeks of trading bread and pasta for nuts and avocados, I achieved a remarkable rebound in my cognitive energy and performance. Astonished by the impact this diet had on my productivity and wellbeing, I vowed to share my experience with millions of others I knew to be struggling with cognitive difficulties. I decided the most direct means of accomplishing this goal was to formulate and democratize “brain food” myself. Thus, I set out on a mission to develop a line of all-natural energy bars that supported not just short-term cognitive function, but also long-term brain health. After a full year of tinkering to find the ideal balance of healthy, energizing fats and fortifying compounds, IQ Bar™ was born! - Will, Founder & CEO

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