Watch: Eclipse on Why Food Service Was First

Carol Ortenberg

To tackle plant-based dairy offerings, Eclipse Foods is taking a path charted by its plant-based burger compatriots, looking first to foodservice partners to help refine its product line and develop word of mouth interest before entering retail.

In this video, shot at the Winter Fancy Food Show, NOSH editor Carol Ortenberg spoke with Aylon Steinhart, the emerging brand’s co-founder, about the company’s path to market. Eclipse, which has developed a proprietary plant-based milk alternative that can be used to replicate dairy favorites such as cheese and ice cream, first launched its soft serve ice cream bases and packed ice cream drums into San Francisco and New York restaurants and scoop shops in 2019. The brand has since expanded into Los Angeles restaurants and plans to look to more specialty and high-end locations — and eventually quick service chains — before exploring retail.

In this video, Steinhart shares with NOSH the company’s strategy for distribution, what he’s learned from the plant-based meat segment about how to position the science behind a product, and what the distribution strategy for Eclipse will look like.

“[2020] is about how do we get our product to as many locations outside of the home as possible,” Steinhart said. “We want to focus on doing this food service thing right.”

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