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Watch: Siete CEO On How Focusing on Heritage Can Benefit Your Business

Carol Ortenberg

Finding your core purpose as a brand can be difficult. CEOs and founders must decide not only their company values, but also how to prioritize them amidst all of their other business decisions. This can become even more complex for brands such as Siete Family Foods, where those values are tied into family, heritage and cultural identity.

At NOSH Live, Siete co-founder and CEO Miguel Garza sat down with NOSH editor Carol Ortenberg to discuss how the family-owned business developed its own set of values, while at the same time it maintained focus and forged a new path: “living in the hyphen” as a Mexican-American brand.

“Identity is for us, the core of who we are and the values are an expression of that identity.” Garza told the audience. “They’re so connected that I don’t think you can pull them apart.”

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