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Summer 2019 Fancy Food Show: Schuman Cheese Evolves to Reach Clean Eaters

Beth Kaiserman

How do you get consumers to upscale their cheese purchases? While the core cheese shopper often knows what to look for in the cheese case, others focus on browsing the perimeter. They aren’t considering cheese as part of their shopping list of fresh finds and clean label products.

To capture those consumers, Schuman Cheese debuted an updated look for its Bella Rosa line of Italian fresh cheeses at Fancy Food Show this week in New York City. The hope is to expand the brand, which is currently sold in 2,000 stores, nationally and attract new consumers with brightly colored new packaging and a new snackable format.

Cheese is often enjoyed and celebrated for its taste and long history, but the category can intersect several current food trends and diets including high-protein snacking, clean ingredient labels and the keto diet. A lot has changed since Schuman was founded in 1945, and the family-owned, New Jersey-based company has been investing in its brands to keep up.

In this video, Jim Low, EVP of sales and marketing for Schuman, shared with NOSH how the Bella Rosa rebrand and reposition is part of a larger effort to bring consumers into the specialty cheese set by demystifying cheese terms and emphasizing how cheese can be a portable, protein-packed snack.

To learn more about how Schuman refreshed the Bella Rosa brand, view the video above.

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