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Watch: Why Siete Foods Is Building a Platform Brand

Carol Ortenberg

In 2014 Siete Foods co-founder Miguel Garza and his family set out to figure out how they could enjoy traditional Mexican-American cuisine — which relies heavily on tortillas — while avoiding grain?

Their solution? A line of grain-free tortillas, which quickly gained a loyal and prominent following. But now, the company is ready to expand beyond tortillas and become a platform of better-for-you, Mexican-American products for the new millennial shopper.

In the first six months of 2018 alone, the brand launched 13 new products — across categories including salty snacks, condiments and dips. It also launched into over 1,000 new retail doors, which almost doubled the company’s store count.

At the Summer Fancy Food Show, CEO and co-founder Miguel Garza sat down with Project NOSH to discuss how he knew the company was prime for a year of growth and innovation. .

To learn more about Siete’s plan to platform, watch the video above.

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