Watch: Saffron Road CEO Talks Financing Mission at NOSH Live

Meagan McGinnes

Adnan Durrani understands the concept of “value in values.” As the CEO and founder of American Halal Co, Inc. — which sells and markets the Saffron Road brand of culinary cuisine and plant based protein snacks nationwide — he’s built his whole business on it.

During his presentation at NOSH Live Winter in Santa Monica, California, earlier this month, Durrani spoke about his experience building the Halal-focused food brand and what he learned from working with investors. He emphasized the importance of being clear with potential investors about their long term expectations and advised entrepreneurs to not doubt their own worth at the negotiations table.

“Really understand your relationship with money because money is a funny thing that will make people do things that you don’t want to do,” he advised. “I’m not saying these things because I’m enlightened; I’m saying these things because I’ve been burned.”

To hear more of Durrani’s advice on financing mission-driven companies, watch his entire presentation above.

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