Expo West Video: Healthy Skoop And Plant-Based Protein Adoption

Carol Ortenberg

At this year’s Natural Products Expo West, it was clear that plant-based proteins are becoming a key ingredient class across almost all categories. While they have long been popular with vegans and vegetarians, the product offerings previously felt more like “health food” than mainstream offering.

However, with increased adoption by a wider range of consumers who simply want to eat less meat, as well as better-tasting varieties, plant-based proteins are seeing more and more market penetration. Many of the consumers looking for these products still eat meat, dairy and eggs but desire a way to have more variety in their diet.

The base of many of these products, often legume, soy or nuts, have also become trendy. As a result, the marketing and positioning has become just as much about what the products contain, instead of what they don’t.

Form factors have shifted as well from what had previously been basic frozen patties or blocks of soy to an appetizing wide range of colors, shapes and textures. The products are also crossing all temperature states and day parts.

In the following video, Project NOSH Editor Carol Ortenberg speaks with one of the entrepreneurs behind Healthy Skoop, which produces plant-based nutritional blends. During the interview, they touch on the changing market for plant-based protein products.

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