Numi Organic Tea Launches Holistic Herbal Line

Numi Organic Tea has just launched a new product line of Holistic Herbal Teasans. Developed to inspire unity of mind, body and spirit, these delicious herbal tea tonics are focused on elevating mood and emotion as a key component of wellness. Numi Holistic Herbal Teasans are organic, non-GMO, Kosher and Halal Certified, and made with 100% real ingredients—never any sweeteners, flavorings or perfumes. The Holistic Teasans line includes:

  • Balance: Harmony and clarity can be found in this restorative blend of earthy moringa, bright lemon myrtle, sweet chamomile and blackberry leaf.
  • Embrace: A heart-opening blend of tangy hibiscus, soothing and sensual aromatic rose and lavender, and warming cinnamon and cloves.
  • Vision: Stimulating guayusa and a citrusy ginger kick yield a mindful alertness. Clarity and creativity come with woodsy rosemary and a hint of spearmint.
  • Presence: Still your mind and bring forth awareness with mellow bamboo leaves and cooling spearmint. Earthy blueberry leaf and a hint of lemon centers.
  • Purpose: An energizing blend of earthy mate, rich cocoa, vital maca, and piquant spices to wake you up, pick you up, and bring purpose to your day.

Gratitude: Earthy and calming tulsi, sweet and invigorating licorice, and protective and powerful ashwagandha promote overall well-being.

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