Kualli Foods Unveils Authentic Mexican Cooking Sauces

NEW YORK — For the first time, Kualli Foods Inc., the manufacturer of Molli sauces, is exhibiting at the Fancy Food Show in NYC June 25-27, 2017.

Molli, which means “concoction” in Aztec language, is a line of cooking sauces and marinades that brings the true and distinct flavors of Mexico to American tables. Each of their six cooking sauces and marinades is inspired on a traditional recipe from a specific region in Mexico, made with a unique blend of ingredients, and respecting the artisanal cooking techniques. Their sauces are naturally gluten-free, non-GMO, have no artificial ingredients or added sugar.

Hispanic foods are more popular than ever in the United States, and it’s not only about quesadillas. Mexican flavors are showing up on more menus in the US, and this is helping more consumers discover the variety the country’s cuisine has to offer. More Americans are interested in eating and cooking with the ingredients and flavors in traditional Mexican cuisine.

U.S. sales for Hispanic foods and beverages are expected to grow to $11 billion in 2017, up from $8 billion in 2012, according to Packaged Facts. While Americans may increasingly want to cook authentic Mexican cuisine in their kitchens, most do not have the time to look for ingredients or master unfamiliar culinary techniques that are needed to properly prepare a dish. But thanks to a rise in cooking sauces, these are no longer significant hurdles to preparing a Mexican inspired meal at home.

Molli sauces bring true Mexican flavors to American tables.

“Today you find a lot of hype about real and authentic flavors, but when you go to the supermarket you don’t find anything authentic,” said Rodrigo Salas, CEO of Molli sauces. “Molli sauces are here to fill that void.”


Rodrigo Salas, CEO



Local cuisine in the port city of Veracruz, is a tasty blend of indigenous ingredients with Spanish influence. This widely loved Veracruz sauce is a vibrant blend of red-ripened tomatoes, morita chile peppers and green olives that add a “sweet heat” to just about anything.


True to its Aztec origins, Mexico City sauce is full of “fire and spice”. Bright red and potent arbol chile peppers are first sautéed with onion and garlic, to enhance flavor and heat. Then, they are blended with zesty tomatillos, originally grown by the Aztec, to capture the true taste that remains at the heart of Mexico City.


Food in Morelos, one of the smallest states in Mexico, is distinguished by a unique mix of native ingredients. Our Morelos cooking sauce is a mix of tomatoes and tomatillos, accented by the smoky chipotle chile peppers, onions and traditional spices.


Yucatan cuisine is a unique medley of European, Mexican, and Caribbean flavors. Our Yucatan marinade is inspired by “recado blanco,” a peppery Yucatecan mojo found in many Mayan dishes. Yucatan’s flavor is sweet, tangy, and piquant, derived from a special blend of aromatic spices like cinnamon and clove, mixed with the juice of both limes and oranges.


Inspired by Acapulco’s most famous dish, Pescado a la Talla, our Acapulco marinade brings together the sweet and slightly fruity flavors of the ancho and guajillo chile peppers. The chiles are combined with red-ripened tomatoes, a touch of garlic and a lively blend of Mexican herbs and spices to deliver a rich, smoky flavor to your dishes.


Oaxaca is home to full flavored cuisine renowned for its complex sauces and unique fusion of ingredients. True to Oaxacan style, this marinade is a mix of sweet ancho and smoky pasilla chile peppers, soaked in citrus to enhance their natural flavors. Onion, garlic, and a unique blend of sweet spices, add rich and exciting layers of flavors to this marinade.

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