Nutty Goodness Launches New Look & Campaign

BALTIMORE, Sept. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Nutty Goodness, an all-natural fruit and nut snack, is launching a new mission to “Take Back the Snack” at Expo East. Based on health and dieting research, the brand is advocating responsible snacking as a proven method to curb cravings, reduce overeating at meals and improve overall mood and productivity. Nutty Goodness hopes to offer consumers a healthier way to enjoy their delicious product as part of a more active lifestyle.


Snacking has earned a bad reputation of late,” said co-owner, Walker Brock. ” “We know that the right snack gives you the energy to power through your day, but it’s time to educate consumers on how enjoying light bites throughout the day can fuel a healthier lifestyle.”

Hosted at the Baltimore Convention Center from September 16th through the 19th, Expo East is the east coast’s largest and most prestigious natural products trade show. The event brings together thousands of natural producers and distributors to present new products, attend educational panels and help drive the natural products industry forward. Nutty Goodness will be providing samples of five reimagined flavors and educating attendees on the product and the mission, from Booth 8712 on the convention floor.

“We’re thrilled to reveal the new Nutty Goodness to the public and the natural products industry at Expo East,” said co-owner, Ben Ludzker. “These are exciting times for the industry and we couldn’t have chosen a better place to launch our new campaign. We want everybody, producers and consumers alike to join us on our mission to “Take Back the Snack.”

Formerly Nicole’s Nutty Goodness, the brand is also using Expo East to showcase a redesigned website,, along with new logos, packaging and brand messaging.

As part of the “Take Back the Snack” launch, Nutty Goodness will be running a social media contest at their booth. Attendees can have their picture taken with Nutty Goodness team, then post it to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (hashtag #TakeBackTheSnack). At the end of the Expo, 3 lucky winners will be chosen to receive free Nutty Goodness products.

About Nutty Goodness: Nutty Goodness is an all-natural brand of fruit & nut snack, committed to offering delicious and healthy products, while educating consumers on how responsible snacking can be part of a more active, productive lifestyle. Co-owned by W. Walker Brock and Ben Ludzker, the brand currently offers five exciting flavors: Nana Rama, Pi

neapple Paradiso, Espress Yourself, Berry Good and Snappy Ginger. All Nutty Goodness products are raw, vegan and both gluten and GMOs free. Under the “Take Back the Snack” campaign, Nutty Goodness will continue to meet the growing demand for all-natural foods that combine the great taste and nutritional advantages of only nature’s best ingredients.

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