Tune in June 22 and 23 for BevNET & NOSH Virtually Live

Jeff Klineman

Dear Readers:

I know. I’m excited about the return of our in-person events as well, but they aren’t until December. Meanwhile, our free Boot Camp just ended today.

We need to keep talking, though. I believe in moderation in all things, except when it comes to moderating panels and interviews. Once I start moderating, I’m very immoderate. We have to keep the conversation going, and take it to exciting new places.

So it’s with great excitement that, following today’s final Boot Camp panel, it’ll be two weeks until our two day strategy extravaganza, BevNET & NOSH Virtually Live.

We’ll be hosting the event online from 3-5 p.m. EST on Tuesday and Wednesday, with content followed by open networking and discussion. This one is for BevNET/NOSH Insiders only, though, so if you aren’t one yet, you should be.

We’ve lined up some great speakers to join us, and I promise to moderate the heck out of them, getting their insights and ideas on a variety of ways that food and beverage entrepreneurs can grow their businesses, handle issues around returning to an open retail environment, find partners for investment and sales, and think about the best way to position themselves in a growing wellness-based economy.

Here are just three of the incredible conversations we’ll be having:

  • Todd Carmichael, the founder of La Colombe, is joining us to talk about the ways that founders evolve with their organizations and vision. A terrific raconteur and accomplished entrepreneur, Carmichael is supplying views on how entrepreneurs can be the authors of their own stories, and how the past year in lockdown helped him to take inventory of his own narrative.
  • Monica McGurk, Chief Growth Officer at Kellogg Company, and Nigel Hughes, SVP of Global Innovation and Research and Development at Kellogg Company, will offer entrepreneurs a road map to retaining the consumers and customers they have cultivated as a result of the changing shopping patterns brought about by the global pandemic, as well as discuss the role of innovation and investment in the company’s future. The discussion will help brands assess their place within the re-opening of a variety of retail channels while balancing the gains they have made during lockdown.
  • Kaumil Gajrawala, Managing Director at Credit Suisse, will sit down with us to talk about the massive upscaling of the Wellness economy and the opportunities it presents for founders, investors, retailers, and consumers. Taking a look at the interconnectedness of Wellness companies — and how they differ — Gajrawala, a longtime authority on CPG companies, will share insights about the ways that both public and private Wellness companies are exerting outsized market influence, and what that means for entrepreneurs.

We’ll be making even more speaker and panelist announcements in the next few days. I hope to see you there, and maybe we’ll even raise a glass together online — in moderation, of course.


Jeff Klineman

Editor-in-Chief, BevNET