Watch: Roles and Rules Vital in Developing Company Culture

Carol Ortenberg

Many young entrepreneurs emphasize the importance of building a “fun” company culture. But Peter Burns, CEO and president of protein bar maker ONE Brands, has another opinion: You need employees that feel empowered and content at work, but you also need a strict structure that sets up those employees — and the company — for success.

Speaking at NOSH Live 2018, Burns discussed the business and personal principles that govern how he has run and operated some of the leading natural products companies, including Justin’s and Celestial Seasonings.

Burns’ philosophies are designed to help unify organizations by building a fast moving, democratic and results-driven team. Burns said to do this, he first evaluates in-house talent and then brings on additional key hires with extensive operational experience that can bring value to a young brand.

“If you aren’t winning in marketplace, it’s a tough go to have a good culture,” he said.

Burns added that to see operational and sales success, he also embraces the idea of being “hard on issues and soft on people.”

“The most important thing is to be a human being,” Burns said. “If they know you care and that you’re on this mission together, people will do a lot for you. They will follow you. And when things are moving in the same direction, great things will happen.”

To learn more about how Burn’s has helped brands achieve success through efficient management practices, watch the video above.

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