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NOSH Live Video: Matt Gase on Disrupting the Big Company Playbook

Carol Ortenberg

Lantana Hummus CEO Matt Gase says he was “born into big food” and has worked for some of the biggest food companies in the industry. Responsible for some of the top food and pet brands, over the years Gase learned “there are tremendous advantages to big food, but there are vulnerabilities as well.”

Now running one of the top hummus brands in the category, Gase has pulled from the lessons he learned at big food, and combined it with the tactics that make smaller, more agile brands able to fill the white space in the market. Despite having a competitor in the market that owns the majority of the category, Gase has been able to build a significant business filing consumers’ unmet needs in the set.

In this video recorded at NOSH Live Winter 2018, Gase shared some of the tactics he’s used at both Lantana and barbeque brand Stubbs, including focusing on team, assortment, distribution strategy, branding and expansion, to build the businesses and, in the case of Stubbs, have a successful exit.

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