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4 Brands Embrace Makeovers This Summer

Meagan McGinnes

Specialty food and snack brands are giving themselves a major makeover this July.

Many showed off new-and-improved appearances during last month’s Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City. From package redesigns to complete rebrands, here are four companies that are touting new looks this summer.

Veggie-Go’s Rebrands; Expands Portfolio

Chewy fruit and veggie-strip maker Veggie Go’s announced today that it’s refreshed its brand with new packaging, new products and a redesigned website.

The rebrand comes less than a year after Samantha Brands became a majority owner of the company last September. Veggie Go’s fruit-and-veggie strips and snacks have a full serving of fruits and vegetables in every serving. The lines are sold in more than 1,500 retailers including Whole Foods Markets and Sprouts.

Michael Silverman, Samantha Brands managing director, told NOSH the goal of the redesign, which was rolled out on shelves this month, was to give the brand a more whimsical look while also emphasizing the products wholesome ingredients.

“I think the old packaging was a a bit more staid and might have communicated better to an adult consumer,” Silverman said. “So what we tried to do is connect more with families, connect more with, ultimately, moms and their kids, and really communicate the health benefits of the product.”

To accompany its new look, Veggie Go’s also added a new product to its portfolio: Veggie Go’s Bites. The pouches, which retail for $1.29, contain chopped fruit strips mixed with cocoa nibs, rice crisps and chia.

“Veggie-Go’s Bites takes everything families love about Veggie-Go’s Strips and adds a pop of delicious flavor and texture into every bite,” John McHugh, co-founder and CEO of Veggie-Go’s said in a statement. “We can’t think of a better product to kick off our rebrand.”

Saffron Road Brings Fresh Look to Frozen

Saffron Road is changing its look and messaging after an intensive consumer research project the brand completed last year.

After ethnography interviews, focus-group sessions, in-store shop-a-longs and home visits, the Saffron Road team found that consumers were looking for both a livelier logo and a more appealing tagline.

“The key here was to determine Saffron Road’s brand ‘sweet spot’ in order to scale our growth into a larger mainstream consumer base, while remaining solidly positioned with our passionate core Saffron Road consumers, who are inspired by our sustainable values and culinary excellence,” Adnan Durrani, CEO and founder of Saffron Road, said in a statement.

The fast-growing, natural, Halal-certified frozen food brand aims to have a more “contemporary look” with bolder colors and patterns inspired by places like Thailand, India and Mexico, according to the company. Durrani said the new tagline, “Journey to Better,” will better communicate their commitment to “better foods, to better values, to better adventures, to better world cuisines, and to a better planet.”

Effie’s Homemade Launches New Packaging

Specialty cracker and cookie maker Effie’s Homemade is taking feedback from retailers to evolve its packaging.

“Responding to retailer requests we designed these new boxes in two flexible orientations – vertical and horizontal – to maximize merchandising appeal on the store shelves,” Irene Costello, co-founder of Effie’s Homemade, said in a statement. “Retailers now have the flexibility to display multiple facings for aisle and end caps as well as stacking products at counters and open spaces.”

The new packaging is expected to be released nationally this fall. The design comes at a time when retailers are evolving the layout of stores and displays.

Base Culture Showcases Rebrand

Four years after its initial launch, the Florida-based bakery Base Culture has a new look.

Base Culture’s packaging now emphasizes an elephant with tusks on its logo, paying homage to the brand’s “primal” roots. The rebranded packaging will be found in stores by the end of the summer on all of its products, which include breads, muffins, brownies, nut butters and granola.

The new look isn’t the only change for the company. In May, Base Culture also opened its own manufacturing facility to help the company continue to keep the quality behind its soy-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, gluten-free, grain-free, non-GMO, paleo and kosher claims.

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