Great Lakes Gelatin Company Rebrands

Grayslake, Ill. – Great Lakes Gelatin Company announced it has rebranded as Great Lakes Wellness, a modern health and wellness company with a mission to lead a fresh, positive conversation around healthy aging. The new name embodies the company’s expanded focus on overall wellness and benefit-led products. Great Lakes Wellness’ unique pro-aging stance comes to life through a bold packaging redesign for its robust portfolio of high-quality nutritional products, including popular Quick Dissolve Collagen Peptides, Keto products, and Gelatins, which will begin shipping to retailers nationwide beginning in Q4.

In an environment where “anti-aging” has become the norm, Great Lakes Wellness is championing a unique viewpoint on getting older by embracing all the positives that come with it. From a young age, consumers are bombarded with messages about how and why they should fight the aging process. Great Lakes Wellness is turning this narrative on its head by celebrating the journey of healthy aging and all the advantages that come with maturity, while delivering products that support the nutritional needs we have as we age.

“Great Lakes Wellness will lead a new, positive conversation around aging and free consumers from the idea that they need to fight this process,” said President of Great Lakes Wellness, Jim Burkett.  “Aging is living. So, for anyone who’s realized they’re not 25 anymore, our products provide physical wellness support plus a fresh attitude to flip the script on aging. We want to help consumers spend less time worrying about a number, and instead confidently welcome their age, whatever it is, and enjoy what life is really about.”

Great Lakes Wellness’ new packaging features a stylized bird as part of the logo, a symbol of freedom and a unique perspective from a bird’s eye view. Great Lakes Wellness helps consumers soar with health and wellness products that provide the freedom to age on your own terms and a healthy perspective for everyone’s individual wellness journey. The brand’s high-quality and efficacious nutritional products are made with clean, functional ingredients, and come in a variety of sizes that fit easily into daily life. They are expertly crafted to support the unique wellness needs of our bodies as we age – including supporting joint health, maintaining healthy hair, promoting healthy skin and nails and more. Current product offerings include:

  • Quick Dissolve Collagen Peptides – Sourced from grass-fed cows, these easy-to-use collagen hydrolysate powders have excellent dissolvability and are easily digested to help support joint health, and promote skin, hair, and nail health daily. They are well recognized as some of the best collagen powders and hydrolyzed collagen products on the market. Available in: Unflavored, Chai, Chocolate, Vanilla, Apple + Cucumber, Lemon + Lime, Mixed Berry, and Endurance Plus: Black Cherry with caffeine.
  • Keto Products – Crafted to deliver clean medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) these powders and oils support a ketogenic diet and metabolism, while providing brain and body fuel. Available in KETO Collagen + MCT: Vanilla, and Organic MCT Powder and Oil: Unflavored.
  • Gelatins – Made of one simple ingredient, these premium gelatin supplements provide exceptional cooking versatility, and are nearly tasteless, colorless, and odorless in any recipe. Both Gelatin offerings – Beef Gelatin and Pork Gelatin – are Certified Paleo Friendly, Keto Certified, Kosher, gluten free, non-GMO, and glyphosate free.

Great Lakes has a rich, nearly 100-year-old heritage as an early leader and proponent of the health benefits of collagen and gelatin. As a pioneer in the gelatin and collagen market, Great Lakes Wellness traces its roots back to 1922 as Grayslake Gelatin before becoming Great Lakes Gelatin® Company, and in 2009 completely transformed the U.S. collagen market, pioneering cold-water soluble collagen hydrolysate (also known as collagen peptides). That leading innovation launched an entirely new category of wellness products as we know them today.

“As a pioneering brand launching collagen peptides to the U.S. market, our team has deep expertise in the category and with developing high-quality nutritional products,” continued Burkett. “Reintroducing our brand as Great Lakes Wellness is authentic to our historical focus on collagen and gelatin for wellness and our ongoing commitment to supporting the unique wellness needs of our bodies as we age – whether you’re 35 or 65.”

All Great Lakes Wellness products are gluten free, non-GMO, Kosher, and Keto Certified, with several Paleo-friendly options. Great Lakes Wellness products are available at grocery and natural retailers nationwide, including Publix, Fresh Thyme, Natural Grocers, and online at and Amazon. To learn more about Great Lakes Wellness, visit, or follow the brand on Instagram (@GreatLakesWellness), Facebook (@GreatLakesWell), and on Twitter (@GreatLakesWell).

About Great Lakes Wellness 

Great Lakes Wellness is a modern wellness brand on a mission to help free you to age on your own terms with high-quality collagen powders and purpose-built nutrition products. Tracing its roots back to 1922, Great Lakes was the first company to pioneer cold-water soluble collagen hydrolysate (collagen peptides) to the U.S. market, launching an entirely new category of wellness products as we know them today. Made with clean, functional ingredients, all Great Lakes Wellness products are expertly formulated to support the unique needs of your personal aging journey– from joint health, strong skin, hair, and nails and more. Whether you’re 35 or 65, each product, including Quick Dissolve Collagen Peptides, Gelatins, KETO Collagen, and MCT Oil and Powder, offers powerful nutrition that is easily incorporated into your daily diet. Simply add to your favorite beverages and recipes to support healthy aging every day. All Great Lakes Wellness products are gluten free, non-GMO, Kosher, and Keto Certified, with several Paleo-friendly options.

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