For The Biome Launches Three Solutions For “A Wiser Immune System” at Erewhon

The latest innovation from For The Biome, a collection of clinically proven supplements to help individuals strengthen the body’s immune response and support emotional resilience, is now available at the organic grocer and café, Erewhon.

The shoppers of the six locations of the upscale grocer, eminent distributor of natural and organic, specialty and fresh products, can now conveniently access to a collection of award-winning supplements that support their healthy journey with praised and proven solutions for a wiser immune system.

“Your mind has a profound influence on your microbiome and your microbiome has a profound effect on the body. It’s a loop. You have to make the impact on all three levels,” said Paul Schulick, who cofounded For The Biome with his wife Barbi after 40+ years of paradigm-shifting work in holistic research and development.  A biome is an interdependent community characterized its by its food supply, climate and habitat.

The supplements

Developed to support a wiser immune system, Stress Therapy, Immune Therapy and Gut-Lung therapy contain ingredients that have been used for centuries for longevity and emotional well-being. The supplements work as support systems to create diversity within the microbiome – strengthening health and function throughout the whole body. The Stress and Immune Therapy infusions are steeped in hot water and enjoyed like a cup of tea; both formulas boast clinically proven results.

Stress Therapy Infusion: The impact of unmanaged stress can weaken the immune system, disrupt the microbiome, and disturb mood balance. Each sachet contains a therapeutic dose of seven potent flowers, such as clinical doses of saffron and apigenin-rich chamomile – delivering a formula that is clinically proven to support emotional resilience.

Results: When consumed, the seven-flower infusion is fast-absorbing and helps the body endure and overcome stress. It is clinically proven to improve emotional strength, clarity of mind and focus, sustained energy, and adaptability to stress for two weeks after it has been consumed.

Immune Therapy Infusion: A weakened immune system is one of the most difficult stressors on the body, making it more susceptible to immune challenges and threats. As the formula of traditionally revered herbs and chaga mushroom enter your system, its clinically proven, complex processes go right to work.

Results: Within 1 hour of drinking Immune Therapy, immune cells commute from your bloodstream into tissue, positioning themselves to better respond to immune threats. Within 2 hours, the heavy hitters of immune system, Natural Killer cells and T cells, are activated, and immune cells return to the bloodstream to surveil the system for other immune threats. This significantly improves immune balance and alertness for a more effective and efficient immune response.

Gut-Lung Therapy (capsule): An unhealthy gut can lead to myriad challenges, including an imbalanced immune response and weakened gut barrier function, brain fog, and mood imbalance. Imbalance in the microbiome of the gut even impacts the lungs, contributing to respiratory vulnerability of all kinds, which is exacerbated by with poor air quality, wildfires and respiratory threats.

Results: After consuming Gut-Lung therapy in its capsule, the best vehicle to protect the living probiotics and postbiotics inside, the supplement begins to work on all the systems throughout the body affected by the ecosystem of bacteria in the gut. These include the central nervous system, lung function, and immune system. Gut-Lung therapy improves diversity of gut microbiome flora, strengthens the gut barrier, supports the immune system, and improves respiratory and mental wellbeing.

POST biotics are the new PRO biotics

While many people may know the benefits of PRObiotics and even PREbiotics, the key to For The Biome’s formula is that each capsule contains clinically proven DR7, an elite, live probiotic strain, plus a rich dose of PREbiotics, POSTbiotics and PARAbiotics. That’s four biotics working to improve the body’s ecosystem and immune function. and For The Biome’s unique fermentate.

With 40 plus years of formulation expertise, Schulick optimizes the fermentation process to deliver countless beneficial and bioavailable, while selecting the new premium live probiotic to compliment the fermentate. The end result is a nourishing supplement that supports a strengthened immune response for everyone.

Through For The Biome, Schulick is inspiring an “Infusion Revolution” and transforming the way people consume supplements. By leveraging the latest scientific research, For The Biome strives to deliver the best, most cutting-edge supplements on the market, while remaining true to the wisdom of herbs, our collective ancestral wisdom, and honoring nature as a whole.

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