Seafood Brand Scott & Jon’s Now Available in Target

AUBURN, Maine— Scott and Jon Demers are on a mission to change the way consumers perceive frozen seafood. To do so, the Maine brothers and co-founders of Scott & Jon’s, use the latest flash-freeze technology to craft meals that lock in the best of land and sea. The result is a wildly popular line of premium, microwavable entrees, now available at Target. Scott & Jon’s product line features sustainably-sourced shrimp, fresh vegetables and either rice, pasta or noodles.

Based on a new study from The NDP Group, Scott & Jon’s timing is spot on. The study found that frozen food consumption is on the rise, thanks to America’s busier-than-ever lifestyle. Understanding that convenience is paramount for today’s consumer, Scott & Jon’s products are healthy, delicious and ready in just four minutes.

“We know our customers value convenience,” said co-founder Scott Demers. “That’s why we are thrilled to be welcomed by so many retailers throughout the country, including Target. If people can quickly find our products, that’s just another way we can help make life a little easier!”

In addition to convenience, health and quality continues to be a focus for the brand. Scott & Jon’s shrimp bowls contain less than 300 calories and are a great source of lean protein.

“Growing up in Maine, fresh, high-quality seafood has always been a central part of our diet,” said co-founder, Jon Demers. “Seafood is incredibly healthy and so delicious. Our goal is to remove the barrier to consumption – whether it’s time or cooking skills- so more people can enjoy it.”

Scott & Jon’s products are found in the frozen seafood section of retailers nationwide. For more information visit

About Scott & Jon’s

At Scott & Jon’s, we’re on a mission to make healthy, delicious seafood more accessible. Founded by two Maine brothers with a big appetite, our frozen rice, pasta and noodle bowls feature premium, sustainably-sourced shrimp and the freshest ingredients. With decadent flavors like Shrimp Risotto, Shrimp Alfredo and Garlic Butter, it’s hard to believe that each bowl contains fewer than 300 calories and goes from the freezer to the table in just four minutes. Scott & Jon’s shrimp bowls are found in the frozen seafood section at retailers nationwide. Learn more at