R.E.D.D. Refreshes Energy Bars Line, Fueled by $2.2MM of New Funding

PORTLAND, Maine— Over the past year, R.E.D.D. has been looking back to its heritage with an eye towards its future. Founded by an entrepreneur male model who created the brand to deliver clean, on-the-go nutrition, Alden believed that eating well and looking good were interconnected. He knew first hand that the smart decisions one takes with their food has a direct impact on their overall feeling and appearance in the world.

“I have always believed in a plant-forward diet which is how R.E.D.D. came about. I knew that plant-based nutrition made me feel optimistic, lighter and gave me a sense of radiance in how I moved about in my career and in my life,” said Alden.

This belief, alongside a long process of customer research, has led to a full rebrand of the product which will roll out through updated packaging, an optimized nutrition profile and a new approach to consumer marketing.

New Investment is Fueling the R.E.D.D. Evolution

It takes resources to propel a brand forward, and R.E.D.D. is pleased to announce that it recently secured $2.2 million of funding to help advance sales, marketing and R&D efforts. The funding came from a mixture of existing and new investors and Whipstitch Capital, the largest independent investment bank in the U.S. focused on the better-for-you consumer sector, served as the exclusive financial advisor to R.E.D.D.

A New Look

A new bright, glossy approach to packaging prominently features R.E.D.D.’s refreshed brand promise and company tagline: “Radiant Energy Deliciously Delivered.” The line reflects the brand’s belief and consumer insight that millennials and Gen Z are looking for more holistic approaches to wellness that create energy and promote optimism. These generations also feel that what is good for you should also look good in today’s Instagram age.

“Gone are the days when plant-based means crunchy and granola. Your food should also be sexy and modern,” said Alden.

The new brand language draws inspiration from the worlds of wellness, beauty and design. “When looking at our audience, and also at bigger consumer trends in the marketplace, we found that pop colors and playful graphics complement the lifestyle of the millennial generation who see nutrition, fashion, and social media as all interconnected ways of self- expression,” said Peter Van Alstine, CEO. In addition to the refreshed packaging, R.E.D.D. will be taking a more focused approach to its brand marketing by targeting a specific demographic which further aligns with its strategy and will double down its efforts in social media.

“We are building a movement around Radiant Energy,” concluded Alden.

Improved & Simplified Formulations

In addition to its rebrand, R.E.D.D. has also continued to push its approach to delivering standout formulations, taste and texture. An updated nutrition profile is stronger, including more plant-based protein and probiotics – yet the ingredients are simpler. There is no longer any caffeine – and only 3 g to 5 g of sugar per bar. Of course, the consistent focus on deliciousness and ideal texture has not changed.

The rebranded product will launch with the original line up of 5 great tasting on-the-go bars: Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Mint Chocolate. All bars remain gluten-free, kosher, vegan, soy-free and non-GMO. The UPC codes are unchanged to help simplify the process for distributors and stores. The SRP is $2.49 for each bar, and they will enter into both existing and new distribution to thousands of stores during Q2 2019. New R.E.D.D. products will be launched later this year.

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