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Peet’s Launches Anniversary Blend Celebrating Women Coffee Farmers

EMERYVILLE, Calif.— Peet’s Coffee, The Original Craft Coffee, announced the release of its annual, limited edition Anniversary Blend which honors the company’s founding by giving back to origin through its Drink a Great Cup, Do a Good Thing program. This year’s blend specifically highlights and supports women coffee farmers.

“Drink a Great Cup, Do a Good Thing” in Support of Women Entrepreneurship

The 2019 Anniversary Blend is comprised of two washed coffees—one from Rwanda, the other from Colombia—that create an aromatic dark roast of floral and fruity flavors with chocolate notes. Both craft-roasted coffees are grown by remarkable women farmers. Through its Drink a Great Cup, Do a Good Thing program, Peet’s will donate up to $50,000 USD of the blend’s proceeds to an entrepreneurship program that empowers women coffee growers from Huila, Colombia. The program, led by Coocentral cooperative and Sustainable Harvest, will provide access to business training to one hundred women.

“Each spring we celebrate our anniversary with our beloved tradition of crafting a great coffee that gives back to a community at origin,” said Doug Welsh, VP, coffee, Peet’s Coffee. “And with every cup of Anniversary Blend that you savor, you help support Women’s Entrepreneurship in Colombia. From business skills to income diversification, supporting the women of Coocentral cooperative means supporting the entire region. We can drink to that.”

The 2019 Anniversary Blend is available as of March 6, in distinctive purple bags and while supplies last. The blend can be purchased at participating Peet’s coffeebar locations at $20.00 USD per pound and at at $19.95 USD per pound.

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About Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee is a U.S. specialty coffee company founded by Alfred Peet in 1966 in Berkeley, California. Mr. Peet grew up in the coffee trade and moved to America from Holland after World War II. His coffee style was unlike anything Americans had ever tasted before—small batches, fresh beans and a superior quality roast that is rich and complex. Mr. Peet’s influence on the artisan coffee movement inspired a new generation of coffee entrepreneurs, including the founders of Starbucks. Today, Peet’s upholds its commitment to delivering a premium product by continuing to source the world’s best beans, hand-roast in small batches, and craft every beverage by hand. Peet’s also asserts a strict standard of freshness to ensure optimum flavor with a team that personally vets the freshness date on every bag of beans and on every ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee available at over 15,000 grocery locations. Peet’s is dedicated to growing its business through its retail, grocery, on-premise and e-commerce channels while maintaining the superior quality of its coffee. Peet’s is also proud of its status as the first LEED Gold certified roastery in the United States. For more information, visit Stay connected to Peet’s: @peetscoffee on Twitter and Instagram and

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