Mushroom-Enhanced Dark Chocolate Brand NUDE Chocolate Launches

LOS ANGELES— Meet NUDE Chocolate: the new company responsible for promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle through the creation of luxurious chocolate bars. The secret? Reishi mushrooms.

“Dark chocolate on its own is a natural treat containing antioxidants. By fusing this with a carefully-selected blend of herbs, we have created a superfood product that we hope will promote health and happiness,” said founder Matthew Postlethwaite.

NUDE is creating a variety of what the company is calling “enhanced chocolate” products that its customers can integrate into their daily lives, aiming to make the most of a luxury, healthy snack.

Reishi mushrooms are used globally for benefits thought to include boosting immunity, balancing hormones, reducing inflammation and improving the function of vital organs. Each bar is made from a high-end 70% dark chocolate cacao blend from Peru and Ecuador, resulting in delectable chocolate with notes of ripe yellow fruits and hints of cool spices.

NUDE Bars are available in three blends:

  • MIND: Blueberry, Hibiscus and Reishi herbal super blend; promotes clarity & focus
  • BODY: Strawberry, Rose and Reishi herbal super blend; promotes healing & vitality
  • SOUL: Lavender, Raspberries and Reishi herbal super blend; promotes balance & alignment

Join the NUDE family today:

NUDE Chocolate was the brainchild of Netflix actor Matthew Postlethwaite who joined forces with successful entrepreneur Scott Postlewaite and television actor/producer Mike C. Manning. Together they recognized the potential power of Reishi mushrooms and created a line of luxury chocolate products to be shipped all over the world. Additionally, the NUDE Team is proud to have the knowledge and expertise of certified herbalist Natasha Lloyd. Natasha carefully selects the unique blend of herbs to include in each NUDE bar.

“We wanted to created something we haven’t seen in the market before, a chocolate bar that consumers wouldn’t feel guilty about eating,” said Scott.

NUDE bars are dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, Non-GMO and Kosher Certified. The toppings are locally sourced, and the herbs are certified organic. Each NUDE bar is handmade and hand-wrapped in Los Angeles, CA.

About Nude Chocolate Company

NUDE Chocolate Company was created with a very specific purpose – to use the healing powers of Reishi mushrooms, selected herbs and the taste of high-quality chocolate to enhance the minds, bodies and souls of our communities. NUDE Chocolate Company was founded on principles of encouraging health and happiness through great tasting chocolate. For more information, visit