LA VICTORIA Debuts New Line of Organic Salsas

LOS ANGELES— Just in time for summer entertaining season, the makers of the LA VICTORIA brand, the iconic, Southern California-based maker of salsas, taco sauces and enchilada sauces, has announced two new USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO products to its portfolio—Organic Chunky Salsa Mild and Organic Chunky Salsa Medium.

Delivering the same authentic Mexican flavors as its original salsa varieties, the new organic line now meets a growing consumer demand for organically sourced foods. High-quality USDA Organic ingredients boasting aromatic herbs and spices with tomatoes picked at the peak of ripeness will add exciting flavor to any snack or meal this summer and beyond.

“We are committed to honoring the brand’s 100-plus years of authentic Mexican tradition while keeping up with today’s trends,” said Tanya Sexton, brand manager for the LA VICTORIA brand. “Our new Organic Chunky Salsas answer a growing demand for organic options while also satisfying everyday cravings for our longtime favorite pantry staples.”

Available in 16-ounce jars, the new Organic Chunky Salsas are made from high-quality, certified organic ingredients including tomatoes and crisp onions with subtle notes of garlic and a hint of fiery jalapeño pepper. Like the LA VICTORIA brand’s complete line of salsas, these new versatile offerings embody the modern West Coast lifestyle and can be enjoyed standalone or in creative recipes to spice up any dish.

The new salsas are available in the Mexican food aisle at retailers along the West Coast, including Kroger, Ralph’s, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Smith’s and King Soopers.

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About the LA VICTORIA Brand

Established in 1917 on the West Coast of California, the LA VICTORIA brand was the first to make jarred salsa and is an original maker of Mexican sauces. LA VICTORIA brand products include salsa, taco sauce, enchilada sauce, chiles, peppers and fruit-flavored salsas. The line is known for its bold, robust flavors and is easily identifiable in the grocery aisle by its iconic jars. The LA VICTORIA brand operates under MegaMex Foods LLC, a maker of a comprehensive portfolio of products that resonate with Mexican-American and mainstream consumers of Mexican foods. For more information about the LA VICTORIA brand, visit or follow the LA VICTORIA brand on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @LaVictoriaBrand.

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