Buddha Brands Announces New Packaging

MONTREAL– Coconut excellence has a new look. Introducing the newly redesigned Buddha Brands, one of North America’s leading coconut-based brands, which includes Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water, Hungry Buddha Coconut Snacks and Healthy Buddha Coconut Ingredients.

This new, optimized packaging for maximum shelf presence includes new designs that retain nods to the original packaging, with a new and iconic Buddha Brands logo.

The new Buddha Brands icon is a symbolic representation of the Buddha, with a complex iconography that represents the coconut tree, ocean and an island, signifying the brand’s central value – a commitment to sustainability.

Buddha Brands’ new branding offers consistency and unity across the Thirsty, Hungry and Healthy Buddha brands for better cross-category recognition in store.

“We wanted the new Buddha Brands look to reflect the fun and minimalist nature of the products,” said Chris Magnone, the company’s CEO and co-founder. “As we continue to pursue category captaincy in both Canada and the U.S., we saw this as an opportunity to turn the page on a new era for Buddha Brands. Our new look is clean and simple, like our products themselves, and is infinitely more iconic and recognizable across the three brands. Now, whether you’re shopping the cold fridges, the snacking section or the baking aisle, you’ll recognize Buddha Brands’ products.”

“The new look is also much more photographable, giving our coconut-loving foodies all the more opportunity to snap a picture of the many ways their Buddha Brands product fits into their healthy lifestyles,” said Magnone.

Officially being unveiled at the Natural Products Expo West 2019, new Buddha Brands packaging will begin to hit shelves in Spring 2019.

About Buddha Brands Company

Buddha Brands Company by Temple Lifestyle believes that using multiple parts of the coconut is a sustainable approach that can maximize the usefulness of the fruit. From coconut water and chips to coconut vinegar and coconut nectar, we developed “The Coconut Initiative” as a means of connecting coconut lovers through our sustainability efforts. Through careful sourcing of the finest coconuts from Southeast Asia, Buddha Brands believes that health and balance extend to the planet itself, which is why one percent of annual sales are donated to environmental and sustainable charities through one percent for the Planet.