Vera Roasting Company Releases Wellness Blend CoffVee

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Vera Roasting Company announces the availability of Wellness Blend CoffVee, a master-roasted coffee infused with Resveratrol for heart health and Cannabidiol or CBD for easing anxiety and relieving pain, among other benefits. Each cup of Wellness Blend CoffVee delivers the same amount of Resveratrol as found in a typical glass of red wine, producing an unusually smooth gourmet coffee taste. Each 12 oz. bag of Wellness Blend CoffVee also contains 120 mg of CBD for overall health and wellness.

Vera Roasting Company is known for delivering the health benefits of red wine in every cup of gourmet CoffVee, minus the alcohol, sulfites and tannins associated with red wine. The heart health benefits of red wine containing nature’s most beneficial antioxidant, Resveratrol, are widely accepted. The addition of Resveratrol also leads to enhanced coffee body or texture. The feeling of CoffVee in the mouth is one of an ultra-smooth coffee.

Wellness Blend CoffVee is a new offering for the Portsmouth, New Hampshire based company. CBD is widely accepted to ease anxiety, alleviate pain, help with sleep disorders, and reduce epileptic seizures, and help fight aging related cognitive decline (Alzheimer’s disease, for example). Vera Roasting Company’s CBD is sourced from industrially grown hemp and is non-psychoactive as it contains no THC.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that non-psychoactive CBD shows promising health benefits but no potential for abuse or dependence. The WHO also reports that CBD may be useful to treat epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety and depression, all in addition to relieving pain and reducing inflammation. It has also been indicated as a promising treatment for inflammatory bowel disease. Separate studies show that CBD has a highly favorable safety profile in humans.

CBD oils, tinctures and pills are becoming widely available throughout the U.S. CBD in Vera Roasting Company’s CoffVee, however, has significant advantages over oils, tinctures and pills. CBD pills, oils and tinctures have very low oral bioavailability, but Vera Roasting Company’s patented infusion process delivers resveratrol, and now CBD, in a bioavailable format that is rapidly assimilated.

According to Dr. Glen Miller, Founder of Vera Roasting Company, “CBD is widely accepted to relieve pain and inflammation while reducing anxiety and improving sleep, among other health benefits. For a growing number of Americans, CBD has become an essential part of their healthy lifestyle. Vera Roasting Company is thrilled to announce our Wellness Blend CoffVee which combines the heart-health benefits found in all of our CoffVee products with wellness-promoting CBD.”

Miller added “The health benefits of Cannabidiol or CBD have been known for thousands of years, including in herbal Asian medicines. Only recently, however, have these health benefits taken center stage in the U.S. Vera Roasting Company is well positioned as the demand for CBD products grows and grows.”

Customer reactions have been pouring in and are overwhelmingly positive. Miller stated “Like all of our CoffVee products, Wellness Blend CoffVee with heart healthy Resveratrol is unusually smooth and delicious coffee. It’s better tasting coffee that’s better for you!”

Vera Roasting Company received a U.S. patent in 2017 for the process of infusing Resveratrol and other healthy ingredients, including CBD, into coffee. Their patent also covers the unique compositions that include roasted coffee, Resveratrol and other healthful ingredients including CBD. The Portsmouth, NH based company calls their all-natural coffee with Resveratrol CoffVee and has quickly amassed a loyal following in all 50 US states. In addition to the health benefit, customer reviews consistently compliment the smooth, delicious flavor of CoffVee. Many of these reviews can be found under product descriptions at

Wellness Blend CoffVee is the first CoffVee product to use premium, 100% organic beans, shade grown on small Colombian farms that show respect for people and the planet. Using their patented technology, the freshly roasted beans are master-infused with Resveratrol for heart health and CBD for overall wellness.

About Vera Roasting Company, Inc.

Vera Roasting Company is passionate about crafting a premium brew that will make their customers’ taste buds and hearts happy. CoffVee is delicately roasted, 100% Arabica beans infused with Resveratrol, the all-natural antioxidant found in red wines. Sunshine Blend CoffVee is additionally infused with Vitamin D3 and Wellness Blend CoffVee is additionally infused with CBD. For more information on Vera Roasting Company, please visit

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