iwon organics Rebrands to Focus on New Formula

CORTE MADERA, Calif. — iwon organics, a proven leader in high protein, organic, plant-based snack foods, today announced it has rebranded the company to elevate the focus on its newly reformulated protein chips and crackers. The comprehensive rebrand delivers a fresh look for the company logo, innovative positioning across communication channels, and additional partnerships, all highlighting the protein snacks’ new, intense flavors.

“In order to continue leading the way in the guilt-free snack space, our brand must showcase our products’ unique blend of simple, healthy ingredients and superior taste, said Mark Samuel, founder and CEO of iwon organics. “Our industry-leading combination has made the company’s organic certified chips and crackers the go-to choice for fitness enthusiasts and healthy families alike.”

iwon’s extensive rebranding efforts are already translating into an expanded footprint. Previously sold in more than 1,200 U.S. stores including Vitamin Shoppe, the high protein products recently launched in more than 100 Shaw’s Markets on the East Coast. Other large retail opportunities are in the works in the coming months with the addition of two new, key distributors.

As iwon’s brick and mortar presence continues to grow to meet the demand for cleaner snacking options that are central to the company’s new brand, the rebranding success also encompasses ecommerce sales where the company has leveraged its new brand voice into month over month growth on Amazon. Customers are responding extremely well to the new formulation and rebrand, leaving more than 50 new positive reviews in the past couple months, to endorse the flavor-infused reformulation.

“Fitness and health food consumers are very excited about our industry leading flavors,” elaborated Samuel. “They asked for a better tasting product, and we pivoted right away, not only rethinking our formula to provide the greatest tasting protein chip by leaps and bounds, but our entire brand. The fresh, new look and taste illustrate just how far our company has come in its first year of operation.”

Exciting wins for the new iwon brand carry into corporate partnerships where the company already has a presence in the microkitchens of Central Payment, SpotOn, and HUB International. These partnerships will continue to expand into Q2 and beyond, beginning on April 1st when iwon products will become a new snack offer at the LinkedIn headquarters in San Francisco.

Corporate partners have ranked iwon products highest among new snacks under consideration for their campus kitchens, and with good reason. Samuels explains: “Boasting 12 g of protein and 5 g of fiber, with little to 0 sugar, these chips and crackers have a stronger nutritional profile than competitors who claim to bring the greatest function to the fitness and health food markets. iwon accomplishes all of this and more without relying on high sugar for its five tasty flavors.”

The new brand brings a more natural look and minimalist feel to the forefront of the iwon organics image, emphasizing what consumers have already discovered: these are the great tasting, guilt-free tortilla-style chips and crackers. And iwon’s current plant-based, certified-organic protein snacks are only the beginning. As iwon continues to scale up production and sales of these flagship products, new innovations are in the pipeline.

The iwon protein chips are available in health clubs, nutrition stores and grocers. For a list of locations, email us at In the meantime, you can order boxes of eight for $23.92 here:

About iwon organics

iwon organics is a pioneer in successfully formulating high protein snacks that combine great taste with the healthiest, plant-based, certified organic and non-GMO ingredients. As discerning shoppers with active lifestyles continue to make informed choices about their food sources, iwon offers them with an on-the-go protein snack that doesn’t sacrifice flavor or crunch.

We choose to source sustainable, non-GMO ingredients because we want consumers to know that their nutrients haven’t been altered in any way. We specify only organic ingredients because they’re cleaner, they’re healthier and they make us feel good. Health conscious consumers, from fitness enthusiasts to parents, are in the market for high protein products that taste good while providing an energy boost.

We’re here to deliver. iwon organics holds its ingredients to the highest standards to leave each and every customer with that “winning” feeling. For more information visit:

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