Element Earns USDA Organic Label and Launches Bite-Sized Minis

NEW YORK, N.Y. — ELEMENT has gone fully organic, kosher, and bite-sized. This newcomer to the snacking chocolate scene is launching radical innovation to pantries and pockets nationwide. Made from nature, with a little bit of nurture, these crispy treats are dipped in chocolate and yogurt, so you can enjoy bold flavors such as mint and strawberry in effortless portable convenience. It’s an indulgent crunch that’s light yet satisfying, and it offers a new choice for those looking for something unique in the world of specialty cookies.

After revamping its entire manufacturing line, Element finally got the chance to let its values drive the very heart of its production. Their ingredients were always non-GMO, naturally gluten free, and sourced from world renowned suppliers, but their steadfast belief in better quality and greater customer value kept driving them to offer more. On the operations side, this meant a lower environmental impact and a dramatically decreased time to market.

From an ingredient standpoint, Element Snacks are now labeled USDA Organic, reflecting a central vision that indulgent snacking doesn’t have to be unhealthy. With more and more consumers enjoying their products, Element will continue to open itself to being accessible to all dietary needs. It’s new Kosher labeling is a big step towards that goal, allowing guiltless snacking to reach a broader audience than ever before.

But innovation isn’t just about quality. Modern consumers demand guiltless on-the-go. Today’s 24/7 lifestyles are constantly on the move, and Element sought to satisfy that hard to catch customer. With the launch of bite-sized minis, anyone can enjoy this all-natural treat anytime, anywhere. Both the Strawberry’n’Cream and Dark Chocolate flavors are now available across two new SKUs: pocket-friendly snack packs, and family-sized resalable pouches. Their small size still brings a big flavor, as the snack packs are popping up by cashiers just as often as those pouches in kitchen pantries.

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