Chef Olga Keller Unveils New Line of Vegan Living Foods

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Chef Olga Keller’s OK Brands Living Foods – raw vegan plant based products, announces its line of dairy and nut cheese alternative products. These products are all “health food” quality yet still amazingly flavorful, made from coconut and sea vegetables with no non-essential ingredients or preservatives. After exhibiting her food at the West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale VegFests last fall and at the upcoming VegFest at the Mizner Amphitheater in Boca Saturday January 20th, her OK Living Foods line of products will now be available in select vegan friendly retail outlets. Unique to the vegan food space, OK Brand products are foods designed to heal your body, they contain only live enzyme rich ingredients with no sugar, salt or oils added. Olga designed her foods for herself and her sister, both of whom had developed cancerous tumors and are now tumor free, which both attribute to their living foods diet. However, the original diet was tough on the palate.

“My original mission was to develop a healing diet, only eating the healthiest, most digestible live foods. The problem was, besides my sister and myself, who were using food as medicine to heal ourselves, no one wanted to eat what we were eating because it was not pleasing to eat,” said Chef Olga Keller. “That’s when I decided to become a Chef, so I could share my knowledge and good tasting living foods with others.

“I chose coconut as a base over cashews or almonds due to the incredible nutritional benefits of the coconut. Raw coconut is heathy food, it assists in weight loss because its fats convert well to energy and can curb appetite, it full of healthy fiber, it supports the immune system and is also full of minerals, plus we added sea vegetables for add nutrition,” said Chef Olga. “The key was to make it creamy and not taste like coconut, please judge for yourself.”

OK Living Foods are hand crafted in small batches. Finding the best distribution locations is key to the OK Brands go to market strategy. Chef Olga is pleased to announce that the new Vegan Fine Foods market and café located at 330 SW 2nd Street in Fort Lauderdale will be the first location to carry her line of Living Foods products.

“We are excited to have Chef Olga’s line of products in our vegan market. Her products help support the healthy vegan lifestyle that our store is all about,” said Steven Smith, owner of Vegan Fine Foods. “It’s also great that Chef will be doing in store demos and Q&A on a regular basis. Stay tuned for our grand opening in February”

About Olga Keller OK Brands, LLC

Chef Olga Keller offers a line products and educational services focused on wellness and healing through living foods. She offers free education on a Living Foods Lifestyle, including recipes and product recommendations on her website. Chef Olga can be heard on the radio in South Florida on WNN 95.3 FM and 1470 AM and livestreamed on Facebook @thebrooklyncafetv. Check for show times.

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