Sunbelt Bakery Introduces New Protein Delights Bars

COLLEGEDALE, TENNESSEE (PRWEB) AUGUST 27, 2015 — Sunbelt® Bakery, maker of delicious granola snacks that have a bakery‐fresh taste with no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup, is changing the expectation of how protein bars should taste with the launch of its new line of protein bars that feature a rich, indulgent taste unlike any other protein bk2-_fef91342-c9e6-46de-9a15-2aaaff044195.v1ar on the market today.

The new Protein Delights are individually wrapped wafer bars that also contain a good source of protein (six grams), whole grain wheat and no preservatives – making them an ideal protein bar for consumers looking for a delicious snack to satisfy their food cravings or provide a quick source of energy to get through the day.

“Sunbelt Bakery is known for its delicious snacks with a bakery‐fresh taste that everyone loves to eat. Our Protein Delights are no different as the deliciously light, yet rich taste of these whole wheat wafers will forever change the expectations of how protein bars should taste,” said Jeff Badger, brand director for Sunbelt Bakery. “But, our Protein Delights are much more than a tasty snack. They also have good nutritional value with six grams of protein, whole grain wheat, no preservatives, no high‐fructose corn syrup, and only 190 calories per serving – all of which help make Protein Delights the perfect, on‐the‐go snack for everyone’s balanced diet.”

Badger continued, “The dietary guidelines for Americans tell us that protein provides important amino acids that assist in building and preserving body muscle. In addition, protein can also help satisfy hunger and provide a quick source of energy before a workout. More and more Americans are choosing snacks containing protein for these reasons.”

Sunbelt Bakery will offer two flavors for its Protein Delights: Peanut Better Crisps, which feature the scrumptious taste of peanut butter layered between crisp whole grain wafers, and Fudge Dipped Peanut Butter Crisps, which feature the same crisp whole grain wafers baked with layers of peanut butter and coated in fudge.Protein Delights are available today at retailers nationwide and have a suggested retail price (SRP) of $2.99.

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