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Perc Coffee
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Specialty coffee roaster. Let's make magic together. Our heart and soul is yours if you need it! PERC COFFEE is committed to sourcing the finest coffee available. Our coffee is hand-roasted daily in small batches to ensure varietal character. Our goal is to cultivate an appreciation for outstanding coffee and to create fruitful, symbiotic relationships. At PERC we understand that coffee is as much about people as it is about a product. Its integrity is tied to every link on the supply chain – the farmers, the transporters, the roasters, the baristas, and everyone in between. We’re honored to be just one of many stops along the way. We search for coffees that are clean, articulate, and complex, with each offer playing a specific role in our portfolio. Sourcing with the seasons ensures the coffee is at the peak of its potential. We craft unique profiles to highlight each coffee’s natural wonders; roasting daily in small batches allows our customers to get it fresh and bursting with varietal character. But our passion and attention to detail extend beyond the roast. Our wholesale partners are vital to our mission to cultivate an appreciation for outstanding coffee. With this in mind, we strive to empower clients with the tools, education, and training to create top-notch coffee programs. That requires a high level of mutual respect, trust, and commitment, and it’s not something we enter into lightly. Ultimately, the quality of our relationships determines the quality of the cup.

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