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Our global chile crisps give anyone the ability to prepare mouth-watering food. Umami is the fifth taste and amplifies how we experience sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. Think of it as the conductor that makes all of the flavors sing in harmony. We created Fifth Taste Foods™ to put the power of oo’mäme™ in everyone’s kitchen. The goal is to empower cooks, regardless of experience level, to prepare and enjoy great tasting, spicy, authentic food. cPick up a jar of oo’mäme – the ultimate chile crisp – and use it as your secret ingredient to connect with the people you love.

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All Texas Central Markets carry the Chinese and Mexican oo'mäme Chile Crisp


Our brand oo’mäme™ layers flavors and textures on a foundation of umami, the Fifth Taste, with a backbone of chile heat. This line of all-natural, gluten-free, low-sodium products celebrates incredible flavors from around the world. While there is a well-established penchant for hot sauces and chile oils, few have umami and fewer still layered textures. We challenge the status quo using an engineer’s design approach for innovation in particulate size and taste. oo’mäme delivers the optimal sensory experience including ingredients that deliver pops of flavor, along with crispy, crunchy and chewy tidbits. Every bite is an adventure. Global flavors are oo’mäme‘s inspiration. A taste for travel, the culinary experiences integral to the journey, are a match to the flame of our passion for adventure. We draw inspiration from the rich culinary heritage of places that can be out of reach for many in everyday life. Chinese New Year’s in Szechuan… Los Dias de Los Muertos in Oaxaca. Inspired by a Chinese chile crisp, we traveled the globe and brought the aromas and tastes of other lands to this concept, creating an entirely new category and bringing exotic to the table in a shelf-stable jar. We don’t think you will find anything that comes close to our global chile crisps. oo’mäme ™ is handmade in small batches, using all-natural products, right here in the USA. Foreign-made products simply can’t make the quality claims we can. Our experience and travel have shown that they are generally mass-produced, under unknown conditions, lacking the quality control we insist upon. We want to make sure to nourish our bodies with things we can pronounce, sourced from responsible producers. We are careful in choosing partners and purveyors, and we insist on pristine production conditions. We guarantee a quality product, safely made.