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a cooler kind of oatmeal. MUSH. The first ever all-natural, 100% ready to eat oatmeal with zero added sugars, artificial flavors/colors, or preservatives. Packaged in single serving pods for grab-and-go convenience. Cold processed to preserve nutrients and avoid preservatives. Simple recipe: Oats and other delicious whole foods cold-soaked to perfection in handcrafted almond or coconut milk. Evolutionary concept: MUSH bridges technology, creativity, and honesty to solve an issue that plagues the food industry. Most food products are either unhealthy or inaccessible to Millennials. Oatmeal is no exception. Instant oatmeal is simple to prep but has a high glycemic index, low fiber content, and almost always includes added sugars or artificial flavors. On the other end of the spectrum, old-fashioned oatmeal has a lower glycemic index and great source of fiber, but the prep and clean up time makes it a chore. MUSH eliminates the trade-off between healthy eating and convenience eating. The benefits of MUSH: 1. More accessible than traditional oatmeal. No cooking required! 2. More nutrient dense than traditional oatmeal. As a result of soaking the product rather than cooking it, the beneficial vitamins and minerals found in all of the whole food ingredients remain intact. 3. Easier to digest than traditional oatmeal. The soaking process is comparable to a slow cooking process, which ensures that the natural starches and plant enzymes are completely broken down so that your body can easily digest them. 4. Healthier than most instant oatmeals on the market. MUSH is raw, vegan, and contains no added sugars, artificial flavors/colors, or preservatives.

Overnight Oats
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