Big Fork: Maple - Pepper Meat Stick


Just like our jerky, we exclusively use Berkshire pork, known for its excellent marbling as our meat of choice for our snack sticks. We choose to use whole muscle pork picnics instead of trim or other inferior meat by products so our sticks not only taste superior but they also are more consistent and do not require a high level of seasoning like many other brands. Once again they are naturally smoked and dried to perfection in small batches. Craft Pork Snack Sticks by Big Fork Brands come in three pork tasty flavors: Original, Maple-Pepper, and Thai Green Curry. Each stick has 7g of protein per stick, 50 Calories, and sized at 1 oz. per stick. Made from 100% Heritage Hogs raised outdoors in Iowa. Made in USA, Antibiotic-Free, Nitrate-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Preservative-Free. Naturally smoked. These sticks are paleo and keto friendly.


pork, water, cane sugar, maple syrup, sea salt, black pepper, natural flavors, citric acid, celery juice powder, and colored beef collagen casing


Preservative Free Soy Free (Soy Sauce Free) Gluten Free Lean Protein 60 Calories per stick 7g Protein per stick Made in USA Paleo Friendly Antibiotic Free Nitrate Free
Maple - Pepper Meat Stick