Ingredion Launches VERSAFIBE Dietary Fibers for Fiber Fortification

WESTCHESTER, Illinois, October 4, 2016 – Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, today announced the launch of a new line of low cost-in-use dietary fibers for manufactures wanting to easily add fiber to foods – the VERSAFIBE™ dietary fiber series – for fiber fortification and calorie reduction in pastas, baked goods and extruded products with little to no impact on product texture, flavor and color.

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-10-49-25-pmVERSAFIBE™ 2470 and 1490 dietary fibers are versatile, process stable, insoluble resistant starch ingredients that can deliver fiber and help reduce calories and carbohydrates in low moisture applications such as breads, crackers, cookies, pastas, noodles and extruded products – giving manufacturers the ability to stand out in the marketplace with claims like “good source of fiber” or “excellent source of fiber” as well as “gluten-free.” Due to the products’ low water holding capacity, the modified food starches have little to no impact on product processing.

VERSAFIBE™ 2470 dietary fiber improves expansion in extruded products and is ideal in applications with high-temperature and shear processing. It is a corn-based dietary fiber with a minimum total dietary fiber of 70% on a dry solids basis as measured by AOAC 2009.01. VERSAFIBE™ 1490 dietary fiber improves texture in crackers, cereals, pastas and snacks with “white” flour like performance. It is a grain-free, potato-based dietary fiber with a minimum total dietary fiber of 85% on a dry solids basis as measured by AOAC 991.43, 2009.01.

“We continue to experience an increased demand for fiber fortification and calorie and carbohydrate reduction in the retail and food service space,” said Igor Playner, Ingredion’s vice president of innovation and strategy, North America. “By formulating with VERSAFIBE 2470 and 1490 dietary fibers, food developers now have the ability to meet the demand for higher-fiber products with ingredients that are practically invisible to consumers in terms of texture, flavor and color.”

Ingredion Incorporated already has a robust portfolio of fibers for health and nutrition, including HI-MAIZE® resistant starch, a clean label alternative for blood sugar management and energy balance, NUTRAFLORA® prebiotic soluble fiber for digestive support and NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber for satiety and weight management benefits.

“VERSAFIBE™ dietary fiber is a synergistic companion to our product lineup,” notes Playner. “It has many functional attributes such as low cost-in-use fiber fortification, is easy to use, highly tolerant and provides a great eating experience in higher-fiber bakery products, snacks and pasta. That’s a winning combination,” he concludes.

To learn more about VERSAFIBE™ 2470 and 1490 dietary fibers or find out how Ingredion’s technical, sensory, CULINOLOGY® and applications teams help food processors develop tailor-made, high quality foods at a reduced cost, contact Ingredion at 1-866-961-6285, or visit

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