SprintToSuccess S1E6: The Finish Line

We’re almost to the finish line! In episode 5 we talked about revisions and how communication plays a role in every aspect of the project. If you missed it, go back and give it a watch – it’s filled with juicy takeaways.

If you’ve been following along you know we sprinted a little longer than we anticipated. You might have even asked that age old question “are we there yet?!”. Well today we are super excited to unveil SuperFrau’s final new look! Now, you might be thinking “no whey, we finally get to see it?!”, and we’re proud to say “Yes, whey!”. Not only will you see the end design result, but you’ll also get to hear directly from Melissa. She’ll go into detail about the most critical learnings and how she felt about the process.

P.S – There’s one episode left after this, so don’t run off just yet!

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