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Watch: How Render is Building a Chef-Driven Brand

Carol Ortenberg

As creative thinkers, chefs are filled with an infinite amount of ideas for new dishes and flavor combinations. What they don’t have is the time needed to execute on all of these ideas. Enter Render Foods, a chef-driven line of food and beverages.

Founded by the team behind R&D firm Pilot R&D, Render has brought to market State Bird Crunch, a savory granola snack, Weyla, a whey-based beverage, and Bryner, an upcycled brine-based beverage — all with super chefs like Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinksi, co-owners of the restaurant State Bird Provisions in San Francisco. Render conceptualizes new products by collaborating with some of the top chefs in the industry, and once developed, the team takes over the scale up process, production, marketing and sales. Leaving the chef’s squarely in the kitchen.

At the winter fancy food show, NOSH editor Carol Ortenberg sat down with Render CEO and Co-Founder Dana Peck to learn about the brand’s new product lines and how the company’s model differs from celebrity sponsorship.

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