Watch: How LesserEvil Evolved from Indulgent to Mindful Snacking

Erin Cabrey

When snack brand LesserEvil launched nearly 15 years ago, its focus was on indulgence and “snacking like a kid again.” Through several rebrands, it eventually evolved into a better-for-you brand and now, taking it one step further, a “good-for-you” brand.

According to LesserEvil President and CEO Charles Coristine, the throughline for the brand has been its ingredients first approach, and over time it has learned to zero in on what’s a clean ingredient and ignore the fleeting fads. At this year’s Natural Products Expo East trade show in Baltimore, Coristine spoke with NOSH editorial assistant Erin Cabrey about how LesserEvil has evolved to become a “vessel for mindful moments” and how its redesigned packaging unifies its product lines and promotes sustainability.

To watch the full interview with Coristine, view the video above.

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