Watch: Products & People with Jason Cohen at NOSH Live

Carol Ortenberg

When trying to establish and grow a brand, entrepreneurs have to think about product, people and persistence. Jason Cohen, the CEO and co-founder of Halen Brands, has all three top of mind every time he works with a brand.

At NOSH Live this past June, Cohen sat down with Project NOSH Editor Carol Ortenberg for an inside look at his success in the industry. At Halen Brands, Cohen uses his long-time experience in the industry to create, acquire and invest in food and beverage brands that he believes will change the face of grocery aisles and consumers’ stomachs — and there’s a lot of experience to draw from. Cohen has helped numerous food brands Skinny Pop, Momma Says go public or sell to strategics, for a total of over $560 million dollars.

But for Cohen, a large part of his success can be attributed to personal relationships.

“You got to get to know the person you are trying to sell,” Cohen said on stage. “It’s taking the sales out of the sales and finding what people like other than what you are doing. Then, secondarily, it’s selling the things that you want.”

To learn more about how Cohen created successful products and built relationships with buyers and employees alike, watch his full presentation above.

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